What Does Jobsite Cleanup Look Like?

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One of the more common questions that we get from clients is, “What will cleanup on my roof project look like?” We understand that not all contractors are as courteous as you would like. At Holladay Grace, we want to make sure you know the answer to that question before we even put a ladder on your home.

Our Cleanup Process

With 44 years of roofing experience in Colorado Springs, we understand what our customers expect. That’s exactly why we treat every aspect of each project as if it were our own. Jobsite cleanup is no exception. 

Dump Trailer

Proper jobsite cleanup for any roofing project, whether it’s small or large, commercial or residential, requires a dumpster of some kind. For most projects, we will make use of a dump trailer that can be pulled behind a truck. Using a dump trailer for re-roof projects is one of the easiest ways to dispose of debris from the project. The trailer is mobile, making disposal of the debris easy.

Conversely, the use of an onsite dumpster has few instances where it is more useful than a tow-away dump trailer. Since most roofing projects take between one to two days, scheduling drop-off and pickup of a dumpster only adds more time and headache for not only the contractor but for the homeowner as well. Larger general construction projects that will take multiple weeks do benefit more from an onsite dumpster than a dump trailer.


Tarps are an excellent way to help in the process of cleanup. When landscaping is present around the home, our crews will lay tarps over the landscaping to protect the landscaping and make the cleanup process easier. Without tarps covering landscaping, debris from your roof can get caught in the landscaping. By using tarps, most of the debris from your roof is caught. With this debris being caught by the tarp, cleanup is made easier and quicker because the crews can simply fold up the tarp and discard it into the dump trailer.




Final Sweep

The final sweep of the property is the most important part of any job cleanup, whether it is a single-day job or an ongoing project that will take weeks. At the end of each day, our crews will collect all debris that was not already picked up during the day and place it in the dumpster or trailer before running magnets over the entire area. One of the biggest concerns homeowners have after a roofing project is getting a flat tire from a leftover nail in their driveway. Using magnets to sweep the area helps minimize the risk of flat tires. Once all debris has been cleared and all nails have been picked up, we walk the concrete areas with leaf blowers to blow away any granules from the roofing material used.



What’s Next?

Knowing how a smooth jobsite cleanup should go will not only help you when choosing a quality roofing contractor but will help anytime you need a general contractor to complete work as well. Holladay Grace prides ourselves on making sure that we leave the property of every project better than when we started.

Since 1979, Holladay Grace has handled every project as if it were our own home. If you’re local to the Colorado Springs community, we would be pleased to help you with all of your roofing needs. 

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