HGR Serves as Reliable Roofing Company for Largest HOA Management Company in El Paso County

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Steve and Tracy Martin founded Diversified Association Management in 2005. During the past 15 years, Steve and his wife have grown the business into the largest homeowners association management company in El Paso County with 105 associations. Steve and Tracy began working with Holladay Grace Roofing in 2008.  We first met the Holladay Grace team at a Community Association Institute event in Colorado Springs,” said Steve. “With all of the associations we manage, there have been a lot of different projects that we have worked with Holladay Grace on over the last 12 years.”

In 2019 Holladay Grace Roofing worked with Diversified Association Management on several notable projects. “Most recently, Holladay Grace worked on a 175 unit townhome roof replacement project. What was unique about this project was that the association had a lot of rental units, which required an extra level of communication with not only the homeowners, but also the renters. They did a great job communicating appointment times with renters. In addition, this particular association had tight quarters and they did a great job working within that confined space in a timely manner.”

Holladay Grace has also worked on the Claremont Townhomes project. “What was unique about this association was that it was hit with three different hail storms in two years. As you can imagine, the homeowners were not very happy that they had hail damage three times in two years. Holladay Grace did a wonderful job communicating and working with the HOA board to get the hail damage repaired three different times in two years. They also did a great job working with the insurance adjusters.”

“Through most of these projects, Mike Wilhelm, the President of Holladay Grace was my main point of contact. He has always been very professional, knowledgeable, and on top of all of the details. What really stands out to me is that he is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, and as someone in my line of business that is very important to me. I would highly recommend Holladay Grace to anyone. They are diligent in getting the job done right.”


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