Roof Replacement After Severe Hail Storm

Sue Kober's Final Roof Repair

Sue and her husband moved into their home in Larkspur, Colorado in 2001. In their new home, they had a leak in their living room. After calling numerous local roofing companies, no one could figure out the issue. “A neighbor told me to call Holladay Grace Roofing and sure enough they were the only company that was able to figure out our issue. Ever since then, Holladay Grace has been our roofing company,” said Sue.

Compared to other parts of the country, hail storms occur fairly frequently throughout Colorado. Holladay Grace Roofing was always very honest with Sue, whether the roof needed to be replaced or not. In the summer of 2019 Colorado Springs experienced a severe hail storm. “It was the craziest hail storm I had ever seen. Golf ball sized hail was falling from the sky. Holladay Grace got a call from us after the storm.” Sue’s roof was damaged from the hail storm.

“This was the first time we had to use our homeowners insurance.” After Sue called, Cameron Brown, a Superintendent at Holladay Grace Roofing, came out to Sue’s home the same day. “Cameron was an advocate for us and helped us to understand the insurance process. He took pictures of all of the damage. He really had our best interest in mind and was very thorough with the insurance company to make sure everything was taken care of.”

The same day Cameron came out to inspect the roof, Sue received the quote from Holladay Grace for a full replacement. After the insurance company approved the claim, the work was scheduled and completed in 7 days. “I had very clear expectations through the process, because the communication was very clear. Supervisors came out daily to give us a full report.”

“The whole experience was very pleasant. Holladay Grace was very timely. Their professionalism was very impressive. Their follow-up and communication helped ensure that the project was moving in the right direction. Cameron did the extra work to make sure the final product was nothing less than perfect. I trust Holladay Grace completely.”

“I think the most important piece when searching for a roofing company is to find one you can trust. If you can’t trust the company doing the work, that is a red flag. Holladay Grace documented everything through this process and they were extremely trustworthy. Not to mention, they were very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Holladay Grace!”

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