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Roofs protect us from outside elements and harsh weather. From the dead of winter to the heavy heat of summer your rental property’s roof protects your valuable investment and your tenant’s belongings year-round. It’s the topmost layer of defense so it is critical to regularly check its condition. We always recommend working with a qualified roofer like Holladay Grace Roofing to perform annual maintenance and repairs.

Failure to maintain your roof can result in significant expense down the road, warns Blue Mountain Management. Preventive maintenance will save a landlord from costly expenses in the future which could have significant negative impacts on a property’s investment performance.

Common Roofing Misconceptions

  • Maintenance is optional
  • Contemporary roofs hardly merit maintenance
  • Roof issues are covered by material warranties

Some landlords believe it is unnecessary to regularly check their rental property’s roof and often fall for an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. However, spending a small amount to inspect and perform routine maintenance on your roof on an annual basis – or after a significant weather event – can pay huge dividends in the future, even if it is as simple as getting some spray on roofing done to fix the damage.. Consider the HVAC vent that is affected by a large wind event and becomes disconnected inside the attic. A quick tour of the roof, and a peek inside the attic to check all vent connections, can eliminate the potential for improper ventilation, mold and other damage inside the home. Doing these simple checks would reveal if a rental property’s roof has had any damage and requires added maintenance from a roofing service similar to Christian Brothers Roofing.

Modern roofing materials often come with quality warranties. But, there are many caveats to those warranties and it pays to thoroughly read the warranty with your roofer and understand what is covered and what isn’t. Materials are much better and last for a longer amount of time, but they still need to be checked on regularly.

7 Easy Tips to Keep Your Roof Healthy and Happy

  1. Check your roof in the spring and fall
  2. Do not power wash your roof to remove debris
  3. Check your attic for signs of improper venting, animals, and proper insulation
  4. Clean your gutters and downspouts
  5. Don’t let snow and ice unnecessarily accumulate, or remain on your roof
  6. Remove trees or large branches that could fall and damage your roof
  7. Communicate with your tenants

“As the seasons change, make sure to give your roof a quick check. Colorado roofs see a wide range of temperatures and weather throughout the year. We also experience much harsher UV rays due to Colorado’s higher elevation. All of these things take a toll on your roof,” says Mike Wilhelm, President of Holladay Grace Roofing.

Take an hour in the spring and fall to walk your roof, check your gutters and attic, and remove any debris. Also, be on the lookout for leaks after a heavy rainstorm or windstorm, a sagging roof deck, stain on your walls and ceiling, cracked or missing shingles, soft spots, paint blistering or peeling, and discolored shingles. If you spot any of those, don’t hesitate in contacting a company like JAE Construction to get the problem solved before it escalates into something more serious.

Take a quick look at the trees around your property. Are they dead? Do they have large branches that hang over your roof? Take the appropriate measures to remove the branches and, if necessary, the tree. Dead trees and large branches can cause significant damage year-round whether they are blown over from a storm or simply die and fall down.

As a landlord, your best source of information is from your tenant. Build a good rapport with them and then respond in a timely manner if they tell you about something that concerns them. They are at the home every day and will be able to be on the lookout for any potential issues. A happy tenant is one that feels safe and comfortable in their rental and a happy landlord is one that receives their rent check every month. A damaged roof can quickly lead to upset tenants and costly repairs – in addition to expenses related to addressing tenant issues. As the landlord, it’s normally down to you to cover these costs. However, if you refuse to cover the costs of a damaged roof, the tenant could consider contacting a legal firm to deal with this issue if the house has deteriorated over time. If you’re wondering “What is considered housing disrepair?“, you could consider reading online to see if these roofing issues would come under housing disrepair. It’s likely that they would, but you could contact a lawyer to check before the situation escalates.

Take the time to inspect your roof each season, or call Holladay Grace Roofing at (719) 596-0733, to have them come provide a professional inspection and help find budget friendly solutions to any of your roofing needs.

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